In case the recovery progress is showing the errors during the restore of some files, report the issue to Infrascale [Support]({:target=\_blank} providing the details below
Example screenshot of the files that are failing to restore:

User-added image

What details to submit to support?

Please, provide following details to Infrascale [Support]({:target=\_blank} for the investigation:

1 - Backup Account username that is used to log in to OBRM.
2 - The cloud device name from which the files are failing to restore, example screenshot:
User-added image

3 - Screenshot with the failed files and text document containing the errors and files / file paths from the window:
User-added image

In order to copy all lines from the "Recovery" window, process following:

  • left mouse click on the top row (the row will be marked in blue color);
  • scroll down to the end of the list (it appears on the right of the window);
  • press and hold Shift key and click left mouse button - all rows in the window will be selected;
  • press Ctrl + C to copy the list;
  • open a text document and press Ctrl + V in order to paste the rows with errors and file paths.

4 - After the above information is sent to Infrascale [Support]({:target='\_blank'}, one of the Support representatives will contact the requester shortly.