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Manage backups of Microsoft OneDrive sites in Cloud Application Backup

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View and manage backups

To view and manage backups of OneDrive sites in your Microsoft 365 environment within Infrascale Cloud Application Backup (CAB):

  1. In the CAB Management Portal, click Homepage in the sidebar menu.

    The list of backup tasks opens.

  2. Click the Microsoft OneDrive backup task.

    Backup task selection

    The backup task page opens.

    Backup task page

    The backup task page allows configuring backup settings, and managing backups of individual OneDrive sites.

Site and backup details

The backup task page shows all OneDrive sites available for managing in CAB by your Microsoft 365 admin account in the table format with the following details:

Details Description
Site Path to the site relative to the root OneDrive domain
Tags Tags associated with the site
Status Status of the site backup. See Backup status for details.
Backup Size Size of the backup data
Last Backup Time from the latest completed backup
Backup Set of quick actions you can take in respect to the site backup. See Quick actions for details.

You can sort sites in the backup task by these details.

Backup status

Site backups can have one of the following statuses shown in the Status column:

Status Icon Description
Not Active Not Active icon Backup is not activated for the site
Scheduled Scheduled icon Backup for the site was activated, but the initial backup was not performed yet
Success Success icon Last backup of the site completed successfully
In Process In Process icon Backup of the site is currently in progress
Failed Failed icon Last backup of the site failed
Paused Paused icon Backup of the site is paused
Archived Archived icon Backup is suspended since the site was removed from OneDrive. Backup data is stored in our storage until you delete site backup.
Partial Partial icon CAB failed to back up the site

Backup statistics

To view backup statistics for a certain site, click More (More icon) on the right of the site. This will expand and show the backup timeline and the summary tiles.

Backup statistics

The timeline shows the number of items backed up each day. To view details, hover over the respective column. The numbers include all new and changed items, so it may be greater than the total number of items included in backup (shown in the summary tiles).

By default, the timeline shows information for the last two weeks. To adjust this range, use the slider below the timeline. The maximum range is 30 days.

Backup timeline

The summary tiles below the timeline show information about the backup of items in the site: number of items included in backup, date and result status of the last backup.

Actions on sites

To activate, start, pause, cancel, or delete site backups, use quick actions or batch actions.

Quick actions

To instantly activate, start, pause, or cancel backup for a specific site, use quick actions available next to the site.

Quick actions

The following quick actions are available for the site backups:

Action Icon Description
Activate Activate icon Activate backup
Pause Pause icon Pause backup
Backup Now Backup Now icon Start backup immediately
Cancel Cancel icon Stop backup in progress

Batch actions

Besides quick actions, you can also take batch actions on several sites at once. For this:

  1. Select checkbox on the left of one or more sites in the table.

    To select all sites, select checkbox near the Site column header.

    If you want to select sites by their backup status, click the down arrow next to the Site column header, and then select one of the statuses.

    Batch site selection

  2. Click Actions on the right, and then select the desired action from the drop-down list.

    Batch site actions

The following batch actions are available:

Action Icon Description
Activate Activate icon Activate backup
Pause Pause icon Pause backup
Backup Now Backup Now icon Start backup immediately
Delete Delete icon Remove backup and delete all backup data

Add sites for backup

If you did not select to automatically detect new sites in your OneDrive environment, you have to manually add sites for backup. For this:

  1. Click Add (Add icon) in the upper-right corner of the Sites section.

    Site adding

    The Add Site dialog opens.

  2. In the Site box, enter path to a OneDrive site you want to add for backup, and then click Save.

    Site path

    CAB checks if the path is valid and the site is present in your OneDrive environment. If so, the system adds the site for backup. Otherwise, it shows an error message.

  3. After the site shows in the table, activate its backup.

Activate site backups

If you did not select to automatically activate backup for sites in your OneDrive environment, you have to manually activate backup for individual sites using quick actions, or for multiple sites at once using batch actions.

Search sites

You can search sites in the backup task by the site path. For this, enter at least three characters in the search box on the toolbar.

Site search

Sort sites

You can sort sites in the backup task in ascending or descending order by site path, backup status, backup size, or last backup date. For this, click the header of one of the relevant table columns.

Site sorting