Configure backup settings

  1. In the CAB Management Portal, click Backups in the sidebar menu.

    The list of backup tasks opens.

  2. Click OneDrive or Edit ().

    The backup task page opens.

  3. Click Settings () to expand the backup task settings.

    Setting Description
    Friendly Name A nickname to identify the backup task. Default is the OneDrive URL
    Archive location AWS datacenter location you have selected when enabling CAB for the company 1
    Backup frequency Frequency of the backup task initiation. Available options: Daily, Every 3 days, Weekly
    Backup hour UTC time when the backup task is initiated
    Retention period Number of days, months, or years to keep backups for until they are deleted from the cloud 2

Change backup task name

  1. If you want to change the data center location, please contact Infrascale Support. 

  2. By default, your backups stay for an unlimited time as long as you maintain your subscription. If you want to change this, please contact Infrascale Support.