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Welcome to the Infrascale Server SDK

Infrascale Online Backup Recovery Manager (OBRM) includes SDK to provide reliable integration with external systems in scope of client PC.


It supports direct calls like start jobs, getting statistics etc.

Also client can subscribe callbacks to receive notifications.

OBRM SDK Components
  • OBRM 7.X.X.X and higher - implements direct/callbacks operations as WCF service based .net pipes binding

  • SOS.SDK.dll - standalone library without external dependencies that defines contracts and DTOs, provides mail class InfrascaleClient to connect to OBRM Agent Service

  • SOS.SDK.Console - demo client to show how integration works

Client prerequisites
  • .NET 4.5 or higher

  • OBRM 7.X.X.X and higher

  • SOS.SDK.dll should be used by client application as contracts definitions

  • Infrascale extends SDK contracts by keeping compatibility with old clients (Starting from version

  • SDK does not support non Windows OS

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