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VMware backup and restore

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This section includes information about and instructions on how to set up and configure backup of the VMware virtual machines (VMs), as well as how to restore data from the VMware VM backups.

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Topic Summary
Manage connections  
Add connection Add a VMware connection to the Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA)
View and manage connections View and manage the VMware connections on the CFA
Edit connection properties Edit a VMware connection properties
Remove connection Remove a VMware connection from the CFA
Manage VMs  
Register VM Register a VMware VM with the CFA for backup
View VM properties View properties of a VM hosted on a VMware server connected to the CFA
Edit VM client configuration Edit client configuration of a VMware VM on the CFA
Unregister VM Unregister a VMware VM from the CFA
Back up VM Back up a VMware VM
Restore VM Restore a VMware VM
Restore files and folders Restore files and folders from a VMware VM backup