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Importing Jobs subtab

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The Importing Jobs subtab lists all backup jobs that have finished and are being imported into the catalog. The file catalog allows accessing individual files in each backup.

The screen lists jobs that are pending, the job currently being imported, and jobs that were mostly recently imported.

You cannot access individual files to browse or restore them until the job with the file is completely imported.


Information on the Importing Jobs subtab is presented in the table format with the following columns:

Column Values Description
Result   Result of the job importing
Job Id   Unique identifier of the job
Job   Name of the job
Client   Name of the client the job belongs to
Backup Start Date   Date the backup started
Import Start Date   Date the importing started
Level   Backup level of the job
  full.png Full backup
  differential.png Differential backup
  incremental.png Incremental backup
Status   Status of the job
  successfully-completed.png Successfully Completed
The job completed successfully
  completed-with-errors.png Completed with errors
The job completed, but might have some problems
  fatal-error.png Error terminated
The job did not complete because of the errors
File Count   Number of the backed up files in the job
Saved Bytes   Number of bytes saved to the CFA
Errors   Number of errors in the job
Import Time   Time the importing took


All actions on the Importing Jobs subtab are available

  • on the toolbar

  • in the job context menu

Action Description
Message Logs View the detailed log of the job progress
Show Client Properties View details about the client the job belongs to
Retry Failed Imports Try to import the job again
Download CSV Save data shown in the table locally in a CSV file


You can refine the list of jobs using filters. Filtering is available only for jobs in progress, but not for the completed.

To show all filters available on the Importing Jobs subtab, click Filters on the toolbar.