The Active Jobs subtab shows jobs that are currently running or waiting to be executed.


Information on the Active Jobs subtab is presented in the table format with the following default columns:

Column name Possible values Column/Option Description
Status   Indicates if the job is running or waiting 1.
  Waiting For Start Time A backup started, erred out and was rescheduled because it has retry on error set in the client configuration. The client may be down (which will eventually cause an error), or the client is up and something else caused the job to error out (network, OS issue, etc.).
  Waiting For File Daemon The CFA can’t talk to the agent and is waiting for it to come online. Once the connection times out, the job will error out and either fail or reschedule (and go to wait for start time). It’s likely the client computer is down, the agent isn’t running, or there’s a firewall blocking access. If none of those are true, then restarting the agent (on the server) may help.
  Waiting for Storage Daemon Waiting for storage daemon means either the storage daemon isn’t running (CFA is out of space) or Bacula is hung up and backup daemons need to be restarted (Settings > Director Status > Restart Backup Service).
  Waiting for Storage Resource Usually only seen when more than one job for a particular agent is running. Only one job per client is allowed to run at a time, so only one job should be running and the rest should be Waiting for Storage Resource. If storage daemon does think jobs are running but director doesn’t, or vice versa, then Bacula is confused and needs to be restarted (both on the server and the CFA).
  Waiting For Mount A reboot is necessary after a configuration is loaded. This error can appear if the reboot doesn’t happen after uploading a configuration.
  Waiting Max Priority There are jobs with a higher priority in queue that need to finish in order for this backup to run. Bacula can only process one priority level at a time, so all jobs of a higher priority need to complete before it’ll begin backups for the next level of priority.
  Waiting For Client Resources This state is a job that’s pending a plugin on the client to be free.
Type BMR Backup, DR Backup, File Backup, Hyper-V Backup, VMware Backup, Restore Type of the job.
Level   Level of the backup.
  Full Saves all files specified for the client, if they’ve been modified since the last backup or not.
  Synthetic Full  
  Differential Saves all files that have been modified since the last full backup.
  Incremental Saves any file that has been modified since any previous successful backup (full, differential, or incremental) of that file.
Job Id   The job ID number.
Priority   The job priority. Lower numbered jobs are executed first. Jobs with a priority greater than 500 are executed when no other higher priority jobs are running. (See Priority.)
Client   Name of the client the job belongs to.

Special actions

All special actions on the Active Jobs subtab are available via

  • the toolbar on the top left, or

  • the context menu of a job

Action name Action description
Message Logs View details for an active job
Show Client Properties View properties of the client, for which the job is run
Cancel Job Cancel an active job 2
  1. Common reasons for waiting:

    • Execution — the job is waiting for running jobs to finish
    • Higher priority job — the job is waiting for higher priority jobs to finish
    • Max client jobs — the client, for which this job will run, is running another job

  2. If a canceled job doesn’t clear from the Active Jobs subtab, see Director Status for troubleshooting.