The Active Jobs subtab shows jobs that are currently running or waiting to be executed.


The Active Jobs subtab shows information in the table format with the following columns:

Column name Possible values Description
Job Id   Unique identifier of the job
Job   Name of the job
Status   Current status of the job 1
  Wait For Client Resource
This state is a job that is pending a plug-in on the client to be free
  Wait For Client Agent
  Wait For Job Resource
  Wait on Max Jobs
  Waiting for Media
  Waiting for Mount
A reboot is necessary after a configuration is loaded. This error can appear if the reboot does not happen after uploading a configuration
  Waiting for Higher Priority Jobs
There are jobs with a higher priority in queue that need to finish in order for this backup to run. Bacula can only process one priority level at a time, so all jobs of a higher priority need to complete before it will begin backups for the next level of priority
  Waiting for Storage
  Waiting for Rescheduled Time
  Waiting for Storage Resource
Usually only seen when more than one job for a particular agent is running. Only one job per client is allowed to run at a time, so only one job should be running and the rest should be Waiting for Storage Resource. If storage daemon does think jobs are running but director does not, or vice versa, then Bacula is confused and needs to be restarted (both on the server and the CFA)
Job completed successfully
Job did not complete because of the errors
Type   Type of the job
  Bare-metal backup
  DR image backup
  File and folder backup
  Hyper-V VM backup
  VMware VM backup
Level   Backup level of the job
  Full backup
  Synthetic full backup
  Differential backup
  Incremental backup
Priority   The job priority. Lower numbered jobs are executed first. Jobs with a priority greater than 500 are executed when no other higher priority jobs are running. (See Priority)
Client   Name of the client the job belongs to


Actions on the Active Jobs subtab are available

  • on the toolbar

  • in the job context menu

Action name Action description
Message Logs View the detailed log of the job progress
Show Client Properties View details about the client the job belongs to
Cancel Job Cancel the job 2
Download CSV Save data shown in the table locally in a CSV file


You can refine the list of jobs using filters.

To show all filters available on the Active Jobs subtab, click Filters on the toolbar.



  1. Common reasons for waiting are Execution (the job is waiting for running jobs to finish), Higher priority job (the job is waiting for higher priority jobs to finish), and Max client jobs (the client, for which this job will run, is running another job.) 

  2. If a canceled job does not clear from the Active Jobs subtab, see Director Status for troubleshooting.