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ConnectWise Manage integration overview

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This guide is for the managed services providers, and describes the steps necessary to integrate Infrascale Cloud Backup and Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery with ConnectWise Manage.

The scope of integration is limited to:

Area Summary
Billing Send data about the use of the service resources to your ConnectWise Manage billing infrastructure
Ticketing Send all monitoring alerts regarding any endpoint automatically as service tickets to your ConnectWise Service Desk
Embedding Access the Infrascale Dashboard from your ConnectWise Manage environment
Asset tracking Make inventory of appliances associated with your clients’ accounts, and link ConnectWise service tickets with specific appliances


Prior to integrating, you should configure your ConnectWise Manage environment properly, and have the following in place:

  • ConnectWise endpoint (URL) and an API member

  • ConnectWise companies

    Integration does not suggest automatic creation of companies in ConnectWise. You should create them beforehand.

  • Valid agreements 1

    Integration does not suggest automatic creation of agreements. A company should have at least one valid agreement for the relevant consumed service. Each agreement must have an initial addition.

  • Products in the Product Catalog 2

  • At least one ConnectWise service board to receive service tickets 2

  1. Required for billing integration. 

  2. Required for ticketing integration.  2