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Asset monitoring within ConnectWise Automate integration

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Summary: Discover, monitor, and manage Cloud Failover Appliances within ConnectWise Automate environment.

Asset monitoring implies automatic discovery of the Cloud Failover Appliances (CFAs), monitoring of their system, connection, and replication data.

After you install the Infrascale plug-in, it will scan the network via SNMP for the available CFAs, and then queries them for the relevant data.

To view and manage the available CFAs in ConnectWise Automate:

  1. On the ConnectWise Automate Server, open Automate Control Center.

  2. Go to AutomationTemplatesProbe Templates.

  3. In the Probe Template Management window:

    • On the Library tab, click Infrascale Appliance to view the list of all detected CFAs.

    • On the Detection Templates tab, you can view and manage the following templates used to detect CFAs on the network:

      • Test for Infrascale Appliance

      • Test for Infrascale Storage Device

      • Validate Infrascale Appliance

    • On the Collection Templates tab, you can view and manage the following templates used to retrieve data from the detected CFAs:

      • Infrascale Appliance UUID

      • Infrascale IPMI Data

      • Infrascale Replication Data

      • Infrascale Appliance System Data

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