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Release notes for Cloud Backup for Windows 8.x

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Before performing a backup, the app cleans up the residual files from the previous backup that are stored in the temp folder

The app now excludes the system cache files, temporary files, and needless system binary files from backup

Backup with direct GCP upload of the files locked by the system failed with the error (Chunk sending failed)

A long-running backup with direct GCP uploading failed with the error (An error occurred while initializing resumable request)

Canceled backup was marked as failed


Support of direct data protection in the Google Cloud object storage

If the backup engine cannot get the current state of a locked file (because of a VSS issue) within a specified time, it reports the file in the app logs and skips it so the current and further backups could continue

If a backup set included files with unsupported characters in their paths, the backup failed, and user could not edit the backup set (error Illegal characters: [] in path. Parameter name: path). Now such files are skipped during backup.

On the first try, the app failed to upload a delta (changed data blocks) for the file version that was recently deleted from the cloud