CFA uses a schedule to determine when a given client will be backed up. You can define as many schedules as you need. There are no restrictions on how many clients can use a specific schedule.

The Scheduled Jobs subtab lists all jobs scheduled to run within the next 24 hours.


Information on the Scheduled Jobs subtab is presented in the table format with the following columns:

Column name Possible values Description
Client   Name of the client the job belongs to
Scheduled Date   Date and time the job is scheduled to start
Type   Type of the job
  Bare-metal backup
  DR image backup
  File and folder backup
  Hyper-V VM backup
  VMware VM backup
Level   Backup level of the job
  Full backup
  Synthetic full backup
  Differential backup
  Incremental backup
Priority   Priority of the job


All actions on the Scheduled Jobs subtab are available on the toolbar.

Action name Action description
Download CSV Save data shown in the table locally in a CSV file


You can refine the list of jobs using filters.

To show all filters available on the Scheduled Jobs subtab, click Filters on the toolbar.