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Management Console overview

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The Management Console is the main point of interaction with Backup & Disaster Recovery appliance. It allows configuring the appliance settings, viewing various status details of the appliance, configuring the protected clients, managing the backup data, initiating and restoring the jobs, and booting the backup jobs as VMs running on appliance.

Management Console

Dashboard tab

Use the Dashboard tab to view the statistics breakdown for the backup jobs, replication, disk space, and other appliance details.

Learn more about the Dashboard tab.

Clients tab

Use the Clients tab to view, configure, and manage the protected clients.

Learn more about the Clients tab.

Jobs tab

Use the Jobs tab to view and manage different types of the jobs.

Learn more about the Jobs tab.

Boot tab

Use the Boot tab to boot the DR image, VMware, or Hyper-V backups to mitigate consequences of a disaster.

Learn more about the Boot tab.

Archive tab

Use the Archive tab to view and manage the archive media connected to appliance, to view the history of the archive jobs, and to manage automatic archiving, archive locations, and archive security settings.

Learn more about the Archive tab.

Replication tab

Use the Replication tab to configure appliance for cloud or peer-to-peer replication of the backup data.

Learn more about the Replication tab.

Settings tab

Use the Settings tab to change the appliance settings and to view the monitoring details regarding the appliance.

Learn more about the Settings tab.

Support tab

Use the Support tab to open a technical support tunnel if needed, to view the appliance logs, or to submit a support request.

Learn more about the Support tab.

Diagnostics tab

Use the Diagnostics tab to view the detailed information about appliance for diagnostic purposes.

Learn more about the Diagnostics tab.