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Quick Start Wizard on the Backup & Disaster Recovery appliance

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Step 1. Log in to the Management Console

After checking and configuring the network settings, log in to the Management Console of the Backup & Disaster Recovery appliance with the default credentials:

  • In the User Name box, enter admin.

  • In the Password box, enter rvxd2d2d, and then click Login.

Step 2. Register in the Dashboard

After logging in to the Management Console, register the appliance in the Dashboard:

  1. Enter your Dashboard account name and password.

    You can find your Dashboard account credentials in the email sent to you automatically by our systems. Otherwise, contact your Infrascale implementation specialist.

  2. Select a cloud region, that is the location of a data center where the appliance will replicate your backup data.

    We recommend choosing a region closest to the location of the appliance if multiple options are available.

  3. Select Allow remote access to this appliance via Dashboard if needed, and then click Register.

Appliance registration

Step 3. Set date and time

After registering the appliance in the Dashboard, set the local geographic time zone, date, and time.

The appliance uses these settings globally within all data backup schedules. Make sure to set them properly.

Date and time

Step 4. Change the default password

After setting the appliance date and time, change the default local administrator password for security purposes.


Step 5. Specify the network name

After changing the default password, specify an identifiable name for the appliance consisting of the following two parts:

Host Name
Name by which the rest of the network devices will refer to the appliance. It can contain only alphanumeric characters and hyphens (for example, backup-1). Hyphen cannot be the first or the last character in the name. Maximum length is 63 characters.
Domain Name
Name of your network domain. It can contain only alphanumeric characters, periods, and hyphens (for example, backup.your-domain.com). Hyphen cannot be the first or the last character in the name. Cannot contain two or more periods in a row.

Network settings

Step 6. Configure the network interface

After specifying the appliance name, configure its network interface.

You can either allow the appliance to automatically receive network settings from the DHCP server, or to configure them manually.

For proper operation, the appliance requires a permanent network address. Therefore, we highly recommend assigning a static IP address.

Also, we recommend adding an external DNS server, for example Google Public DNS (, so the appliance has proper Internet access.

Network interface configuration

Step 7. Enable cloud replication

After configuring the network interface, enable replication of the backup data to the cloud, if applicable.

If the appliance provides an alert that cloud replication is not configured, please contact Infrascale Support.

Cloud replication

Step 8. Set up reports and notifications

After enabling cloud replication, enter an email address to send all appliance reports and notifications to.

Reports and notifications

Step 9. Update the firmware

At the last stage, the appliance checks for firmware updates.

Click Apply and Reboot to update the firmware, if available, and to save changes.

Firmware update