After you accept the terms of the License Agreement, the Quick Start Wizard will start automatically. It will guide you through the basics of configuring your CFA.

Below is a short description of the Quick Start Wizard tabs.

infoAt any point, you can click Dismiss to exit the Quick Start Wizard, or click Reload to start over.


This tab allows you to set the geographic time zone for the CFA local clock, and to view the current system time and date.

Since all data backup schedules are bound to these settings, make sure to set the proper time zone.


Use this tab to change the default password. We recommend to do it right away for security purposes.

In case you do not want or need to do this at the moment, you can skip this step, and change the password later in System > Password.


This tab allows you to specify an identifiable name for your CFA, as well as the default gateway for Internet access.

Setting Description
Short Name Name, by which the rest of your network devices will refer to your CFA. It can contain only alphanumeric characters and a hyphen (for example, backup-1. Hyphen cannot be the first or the last character in the name.)
Domain Name Name of your network domain. It may contain only alphanumeric characters and a hyphen (for example, Hyphen cannot be the first or the last character in the name. Cannot contain two or more dots in a row.)
Default Gateway IP address of your Internet router.


This tab allows you to configure the network adapters of your CFA.

For proper operation, the CFA requires a permanent network address. Therefore, we highly recommend that you assign a static IP address.

If you need to use DHCP, bind your CFA to a permanent address by filling the Client ID box on both the CFA and the DHCP server.


Use this tab to set the DNS parameters for your CFA. This will allow you to use friendly names for the computers on your local network, as well as to enable all cloud-related functions.

If you decide to use DHCP, data from the DHCP server will override these settings.

We recommend adding an external DNS server, for example Google Public DNS––so the CFA has proper Internet access.


Verify all the settings you provided on the previous tabs, and click Commit to apply them.


Click Reboot to restart the CFA, and thus to complete the Quick Start Wizard.