You can change the admin account used to activate backup task, and the type of authorization. For this:

  1. In the CAB Management Portal, click Backups in the sidebar menu.

    The list of backup tasks opens.

  2. Click Office 365 Exchange or Edit (edit-gray-light.png).

    The backup task page opens.

  3. Click the connection status icon (account-connected.png or account-disconnected.png).

    The authentication dialog box opens.

    1. Select the preferred authorization type.


      Since Microsoft will soon deprecate the credentials-based authorization for their Microsoft 365 services, we do not recommend using it, and thus it is not available by default. For Exchange Online backup tasks, only the OAuth-based authorization is available.
    2. Click Authenticate to go to the Microsoft 365 sign-in page, and complete authorization for another admin account.

      After you complete Microsoft 365 authorization, you will be automatically redirected to the backup task page again.