You can change the admin account used to activate the backup task, and the type of authorization. For this:

  1. In the CAB Management Portal, click Backups in the sidebar menu.

    The list of backup tasks opens.

  2. Click Office 365 Exchange or Edit (edit-gray-light.png).

    The backup task page opens.

  • If you have chosen the OAuth-based authorization when activating the backup task, you can choose from both OAuth and credentials again.

  • If you have chosen the credentials-based authorization, you can use only credentials again. If you want to use OAuth, you have to add a new OneDrive backup task.

For OAuth-based authorization, enter a OneDrive URL 1, click Authenticate in Microsoft, and then sign in to your Microsoft 365 admin account.

For regular credentials-based authorization, enter credentials for your Microsoft 365 admin account and a OneDrive URL 1, and then click Apply.

  1. Sign in to your Office 365 admin account, go to OneDrive, and copy the URL address from your browser address bar (for example,  2