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SCIM user management within Cloud Backup using Okta

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Setup flow

# Step Description
1 Set up SCIM in the Dashboard Turn on and configure SCIM in the Infrascale Dashboard
2 Set up SCIM in Okta Turn on and configure SCIM in Okta

To set up and configure SCIM, your Infrascale Dashboard account must have the administrator role.

Set up SCIM in the Dashboard

To set up SCIM, you need to turn it on first in the Infrascale Dashboard. For this:

  1. Sign in to your account in the Infrascale Dashboard.

  2. Go to SettingsSCIM User Management.

    Menu item

    The SCIM setup page opens.

    1. Select Enable SCIM user management to turn the SCIM integration on.

    2. In the Tenant URL box, note the automatically provided URL address.

      This address is used when setting up SCIM in Okta.

    3. In the Account Size box, enter the amount of space in the cloud (in GB) to allocate to each backup account during provisioning.

    4. In the API Token group, click Generate to get an API token.

      API token is used to connect the Okta app for SCIM with the Infrascale services.

      Since the system shows the token only once, and you have to use it when setting up SCIM in Okta, make sure to copy and save it somewhere safe.

      API token

    5. Click Save to apply changes.

      Configuration view

Set up SCIM in Okta

To set up and configure SCIM in Okta, you can create a new or use an existing Okta app (for example, the one you created when setting up SSO).

  1. In the Okta Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.

  2. Find and open the app you intend to use for the SCIM user management.

    Open Okta app

  3. On the General tab, in the App Settings group, click Edit.

    Edit app settings

  4. Select Enable SCIM provisioning, and then click Save to apply changes.

    Enable SCIM provisioning

  5. Go to the Provisioning tab, and, in the Integration section, click Edit.

    Edit SCIM connection

    1. Configure the following SCIM settings:

      • In the SCIM connector base URL box, enter the tenant URL address provided automatically in the Infrascale Dashboard.

      • In the Unique identifier field for users, enter userName.

      • In the Supported provisioning actions group, select Push New Users and Push Profile Updates.

      • In the Authentication Mode drop-down list, select HTTP Header.

      • In the Authorization box, enter the API token you generated when setting up SCIM in the Infrascale Dashboard.

      SCIM connection settings

    2. Click Test Connector Configuration to check the connection between Okta and the Infrascale services, and then click Save to apply changes.

  6. Go to the Provisioning tab, and, in the To App section, click Edit.

    Configure provisioning to app

    1. In the Provisioning to App group, select Create Users, Update User Attributes, and Deactivate Users, and then click Save to apply changes.

      Provisioning to app settings

    2. In the Dashboard integration Attribute Mappings group:

      • Remove all attributes except Username, Given name, Family name, Email, Primary email type, and Display name.

        To remove an attribute, click Remove (Remove icon) against its name, and then confirm the action.

      • Edit Given name, Family name, and Primary email type attributes to apply on the Create action.

        To edit an attribute, click Edit (Edit icon) against its name, edit the attribute details, and then save the changes.

      Attribute mappings