Retention Policy

Retention policy within the Infrascale Cloud Backup is aimed at optimizing the cloud space usage and keeping costs as low as possible for the customers.

Under the retention policy, the following file versions are stored in the Infrascale cloud:

  • Each file version backed up within the past seven days
  • The last file version backed up each day for the past 28 days
  • The last file version backed up each calendar week for the past six calendar months
  • The last file version backed up each calendar month for the past seven and more calendar months, for an unlimited period of time

In short, the more recent the file, the more versions are stored in the cloud. These versions remain in the cloud indefinitely, stored for an unlimited period.

Learn more about the retention settings in OBRM.

Used space

Used space is the size of the protected data (backup account size) calculated for billing purposes. It’s calculated as total uncomressed, undeduped size of all files in a backup account. or each file, only the largest file version is added.


Identical files with different paths are counted twice.

For Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and bare-metal backups, each file version is uploaded as an individual file. Therefore, each version counts.

Used space is calculated for all files in the account, even if they were deleted from the source system. To reclaim the used space, a user has to delete files from our servers.

Calculation of the used space isn’t instantaneous. It’s updated at least every 15 minutes.

Used space is available in both OBRM and the Dashboard.