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Hyper-V subtab

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Summary: Description of the Hyper-V subtab on the Clients tab in the Management Console of the Cloud Failover Appliance.

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For the detailed information about and instructions on how to set up and configure backup of Hyper-V VMs, how to restore Hyper-V VMs from backups, and how to restore files and folders from Hyper-V VM backups, refer to the HyperV section.


Information on the Hyper-V subtab is presented in the table format with the following columns:

Column Description
Status Current (last known) status of the VM
Health Current (last known) health state of the VM
Name Name of the VM
Host IP address of the VM host
Client Name of the backup client associated with the VM
Registered Indication if the VM is registered with CFA or not
VM Host UUID  


All actions on the Hyper-V subtab are available:

  • on the toolbar

  • in the VM context menu

Action Description
Add Connections Add a Hyper-V connection to CFA. View details
View Connections View and manage Hyper-V connections on CFA. View details
Register Register a Hyper-V VM with CFA for backup. View details
Unregister Unregister a Hyper-V VM from CFA. View details
Edit Edit client configuration of a Hyper-V VM. View details
Manual Backup Instantly start backup of the VM
Browse and Restore Restore files and folders from a Hyper-V VM. View details
Restore Restore a Hyper-V VM. View details
Download CSV Save data shown in the table locally in a CSV file
Properties View properties of a VM hosted on a Hyper-V server connected to CFA. View details


You can refine the list of VMs using filters. To show all filtering options available on the Hyper-V subtab, click Filters on the toolbar.

Filter Description
Status Filter VMs by current (last known) status
Health Filter VMs by current (last known) health state
Name Filter VMs by name
Host Filter VMs by IP address of the host
Registered Filter VMs by registration status
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