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Release notes for Cloud Backup for Android

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The app now uses the latest Android SDK


Initial release of the redesigned and reworked app


TLS 1.2 support


Spanish localization


Swedish and Danish localizations


German localization


Automatic sign-in


Backup monitoring from the Dashboard

Option to activate the license key from within the app


Failure to back up and restore files and folders with international symbols in their names


Option to rename devices


New email template for the PC Backup link

Protected files were uploaded again on the daylight saving time change


Protect screen design

Used space now shows on the Account Details screen

Settings are now available on the top app bar

Account Details are now available on the top app bar

Moved the Settings button from the Home screen to the menu

Moved the User Info slider from the Home screen to the menu

Occasional failure to apply the backup schedule

Successful backup notification if there are no failed items


Occasional crash on tablets with Android 3.2

Message on failure to upload files associated with programs using copy protection

Protect screen sizes in portrait mode on Nexus 7 tablets

Application would close when changing screen orientation on some devices

Application would close when trying to send feedback on Kindle Fire


Daily backup schedule

Run backup immediately after the device was connected to AC/USB

Create and quickly access favorite folders in the cloud

Create a new folder during restore

File and folder options now show before restore


Application would close when generating thumbnails for large images

Application would close after tapping Download in the status bar

Application would close while browsing files and folders in the cloud


Select files for backup from up to the root folder

Automatic crash reports

Restore application settings to default

Twitter and Facebook links on the About, Settings, and Account Details screens

Quick navigation on the My Cloud and My Files screens

Select files for restore from different folders and systems

Simple file selection

Account Details screen

Cause of failure to upload or download data now shows on the My Downloads and Upload Status screens

Files and folders selected for backup were removed from the backup set


Automatically resume data uploading or downloading if the network connection if bad

Select folders for backup

Upload or download data only when connected to a Wi-Fi network

Files, that were already backed up and now have no changes, were not uploaded again


Access settings from the login screen

Back up files stored on an SD card

Protect installed apps (without the app data)

Restore progress view

Thumbnails for the known types of files stored on an SD card

Settings screen

Android 2.0 support


Initial release