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Release notes for Cloud Backup for macOS

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This is a beta release of the app. It brings a few user experience and interface updates, as well as lots of improvements under the hood, but has a limited functionality.

DO NOT UPDATE if you use retention policies and backup reports since these features are temporarily unavailable in this release.

If you choose to update, we would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Native Apple silicon support

Support of the Ultrasafe and Ultrasafe MAX accounts

Means to sort data available for recovery by name, date, size, and type


Enhanced security and reliability of network connections

Failure to back up the locked files (error There is not enough disk space to create snapshot for file)

Failure to delete a backed up folder containing any files from the cloud (error SOS.Client.Core.Exceptions.ServerBadResponseException: Specified FileID does not exist)

Retention policy did not apply to the files and folders with /Volumes/ in their paths after they were selected for backup and transferred to the cloud, and then deleted locally

Improper positioning of the Backup and Recovery tabs on the toolbar

Option to set the repeat interval in seconds when scheduling the backup


OBRM 3.13.0 got stuck calculating the size of a backup set, or reported an incorrect size that led to the used space miscalculation


TOTP authentication for OBRM and the Dashboard

OBRM now evaluates the password for a trial account to meet a number of requirements to be considered strong

Replaced EULA with Terms of Service shown when installing OBRM

While the backup complete successfully, part of the backup set was skipped because OBRM could not resolve file names (NameResolutionFailure error)

A new instance of OBRM was occasionally run for a scheduled backup even though OBRM was already running

Inconsistent behavior for backup accounts over quota, and unavailable option Enforce account quota at a specified threshold


Improved the mechanism of storing and retrieving the backup account credentials

Updated EULA


UI issues when running on macOS Mojave 10.14


Multi-Factor Authentication: Temporary authorization was expiring every day


Latest version of the application was crashing in macOS 10.10

Unable to calculate the size of a folder when adding it to the backup set if it contained any files that could not be accessed


TLS 1.2 support

Retention policy work is reflected in UI now

Sometimes random files failed to backup (IndexOutOfRangeException error)


Ability to recover files as of a certain date

Retention policy did not work on the network shares

Retention policy did not work for UltraSafe accounts

Nemedpipe files are excluded from the backup, backing up only real files now


Multi-threaded upload

Sometimes backup report was not sent


Retention policy for deleted files

Inability to create UltraSafe MAX account from within the application

Inability to recover files with versions that have been backed up from a computer


Inability to resolve the IP address

Excessive logging. Turned off the debug mode


Multi-factor authentication support

64-bit version of the application

UI changes in the Progress and Backup status dialogs

Back up the files, which were deleted from the cloud using the Dashboard or agent on another device, again

No usage quota check for scheduled backup

Search issues on recovery page

Schedule backup screen issues

Upgrade issue on macOS 10.12


After backup is configured and saved, the app sends a new monitoring event (Backup Configured)

Increased data backup by making the app compare the modified dates of the protected files and by preventing re-calculation of the hashes

Retry data chunk uploading on the CRC error

After a backup was cancelled, some files were never backed up again without any notification

Backup could stop abnormally and the app stopped responding (sometimes after the Mac woke up from sleep)

Backup failed immediately on any temporary issues with the internet connection

Error after cancelling a backup during the hashes calculation (Unobserved Task exception)

Recovery stopped if a file was missing or corrupted in the cloud, or corrupted when downloaded

Scheduled backup crashed the app if a file was recovered at that moment

The app could not complete backups if the system had 2 GB RAM

The app crashed when a backup was cancelled

The app detected only one version of the protected file while there were more

The app did not start automatically after the clean installation

When the Mac was selected for backup, all network folders were unexpectedly included in the backup set


Failure to recover files in OS X 10.11 (error System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: Bad ISO10126 padding. Invalid length)


If a protected file fails to recover with the OverflowException error, the app restarts the recovery process


The app occasionally stopped responding at login

Error at login (Cannot save credentials - DuplicateItem)


New type of the Cloud Backup accounts—Ultrasafe Max

Progress window for backup and recovery that displays the current progress and all operations; has buttons to cancel the current backup, and remove one or all records

Scheduled backup is performed when the app is open

Scheduled backups for multiple system accounts

Scheduled backup can be configured for multiple backup accounts

The app rescans the whole backup set after it was restarted

Optimized scanning time for large folders

The app failed to upload the protected files if the user logged out during the previous upload

The app did not uploaded the protected files again if they were deleted from the cloud


German localization

Backup pausing and resuming did not work properly


Temporary files are removed from the Libraries folder


Backup and recovery of files that are larger than 4 GB

Accurate size of the uploaded data in the backup email report


Scheduled backup end time

Backup and recovery with 256-bit encryption key

Ability to add whole folders to the backup set (not just files or folders to the scanner)

The app is auto-started after the installation

Scheduled backups start hidden

Improved general performance with the large backup sets

Fixed installation issues on MacOS X 10.7

The Files tab from Settings