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Release notes for Cloud Backup for macOS

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OBRM 3.13.0 got stuck calculating the size of a backup set, or reported an incorrect size that led to the used space miscalculation


TOTP authentication for OBRM and the Dashboard

OBRM now evaluates the password for a trial account to meet a number of requirements to be considered strong

Replaced EULA with Terms of Service shown when installing OBRM

While the backup complete successfully, part of the backup set was skipped because OBRM could not resolve file names (NameResolutionFailure error)

A new instance of OBRM was occasionally run for a scheduled backup even though OBRM was already running

Inconsistent behavior for backup accounts over quota, and unavailable option Enforce account quota at a specified threshold


Improved the mechanism of storing and retrieving the backup account credentials

Updated EULA


UI issues when running on macOS Mojave 10.14


Multi-Factor Authentication: Temporary authorization was expiring every day


Latest version of the application was crashing in macOS 10.10

Unable to calculate the size of a folder when adding it to the backup set if it contained any files that could not be accessed


TLS 1.2 support

Retention policy work is reflected in UI now

Sometimes random files failed to backup (IndexOutOfRangeException error)


Ability to recover files as of a certain date

Retention policy did not work on the network shares

Retention policy did not work for UltraSafe accounts

Nemedpipe files are excluded from the backup, backing up only real files now


Multi-threaded upload

Sometimes backup report was not sent


Retention policy for deleted files

Inability to create UltraSafe MAX account from within the application

Inability to recover files with versions that have been backed up from a computer


Inability to resolve the IP address

Excessive logging. Turned off the debug mode


Multi-factor authentication support

64-bit version of the application

UI changes in the Progress and Backup status dialogs

Back up the files, which were deleted from the cloud using the Dashboard or agent on another device, again

No usage quota check for scheduled backup

Search issues on recovery page

Schedule backup screen issues

Upgrade issue on macOS 10.12