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Edit a Hyper-V connection properties

To edit properties of a Hyper-V connection established with the Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA):

  1. In the CFA Management Console, go to ClientsHyper-V.

  2. On the actions toolbar, click View Connections.

    View connections

    The View Hyper-V Connections dialog opens.

  3. Right-click the desired connection, and then click Properties in the context menu.

    If the connection is active, you must first deactivate it. For this, click Disconnect in the context menu.

    Connection properties action

    The dialog with the connection properties opens.

  4. In the open dialog, you can change the following connection properties:

    Property Description
    Address IP address of the connected Hyper-V host
    Description Custom description of the connection
    Automatically register all VMs Select if you want to automatically register all virtual machines available via the connection with the CFA

    Connection properties dialog

    Click OK to apply changes.

    If you do not want to apply changes, click Reset.

  5. If you deactivated the connection, right-click it again, and then click Connect in the context menu to activate again.