Configure backup settings

  1. In the CAB Management Portal, click Backups in the sidebar menu.

    The list of backup tasks opens.

  2. Click Office 365 Exchange or Edit ().

    The backup task page opens.

  3. Click Settings () to expand the backup task settings.

    Change the backup settings as needed, and then click Save to apply them, or click Cancel to revert changes.

    Setting Description
    Index all data for Search Allows for granular search and restore of the backup data. The system temporarily decrypts the data, scans it, and builds the relevant search index. Once the index is built, the system encrypts the data and the index again.
    By default, this option is enabled. If you want to disable indexing, contact Infrascale Support. Granular search and restore will be unavailable, but you would still be able to browse backups by date
    Backup Unlicensed accounts In Microsoft 365, system accounts can have the Unlicensed status. These can be the external accounts invited by users with active licenses, or accounts automatically generated for shared files storage. You can find license status of an account using the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Select this if you want CAB to back up such accounts. Note that unlicensed accounts have limited permissions, and we urge you do not use the unlicensed administrator accounts
    Retain auto-archived backups The system automatically archives the backups if the license is removed or a user account is deleted. Select this and enter the number of days to keep the automatic archive, or leave blank to keep it indefinitely. This does not affect manually paused backups
    Activate ALL new accounts Select to enable automatic backup for new Microsoft 365 user accounts. If you choose not to use this option, you can set up the bulk activation rules for conditional user account activation. Otherwise, you will need to manually add new user accounts and activate backup for them
    Backup Datacenter AWS data center location you have selected when enabling CAB for the company 1
    Backup Frequency Frequency of the backup task initiation. Available options: Daily, Every 3 days, Weekly
    Retention Period Number of days, months, or years to keep backups for until they are deleted from the cloud 2
    Backup Hour UTC time when the backup task is initiated

Change backup task name

  1. In the CAB Management Portal, click Backups in the sidebar menu.

  2. Click Office 365 Exchange or Edit ().

  3. Click Edit () near the backup task name, enter a new name, and then click Save.

  1. If you want to change the data center location, please contact Infrascale Support. 

  2. By default, your backups stay for an unlimited time as long as you maintain your subscription. If you want to change this, please contact Infrascale Support.