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Release notes for Cloud Backup for Windows 6.x

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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 support

Microsoft Windows 10 Redstone support

Microsoft Exchange 2016 support

Rebuilt local backup: Support for USB and network storage

Rebuilt local backup: Additional source for LB on recovery wizard

IntelliCache setting in the Caching options menu

Option to recover all versions of files

Auto-switch to replica storage during recovery if data is missing or damaged on the main storage (for accounts with enabled replication)

Filename-based ransomware detection

Bare-metal backup: Backup progress bar

Bare-metal backup: Option to remove backup

Bare-metal backup: Option to create a bootable USB drive

Bare-metal backup: Option to configure backup in OBRM for Windows

Retry logic for interaction with central management service

All backup types resume in the event of a connection interruption to the backup server (customer connection or server issue)

Bare-metal backup: Resume upload of the previous bare-metal backup before creating a new one

Batch processing algorithm: Upload starts before calculating of all hash sums is finished

UI errors after backup cancellation

Temporary files were not removed

Issue during backup of network share

Messaging service started a new session for each terminal user

Error Cannot create VSS copy for locked files located at C:\/Users\/All Users\/

Application crashed at the backup set selection step

Time option within the scheduler was not editable after installation of Windows 10 Creators update


File and folder backup: Folders are excluded forever from the file tree after manual clearing


Application crashed on the second step of the backup wizard

Text size scaled out in the backup wizard


Bare-metal backup: Option to specify ADK location (if installed in non-default folder)

Bare-metal backup: Change format of backup storage from .pvhd to .vmdk, more user-friendly folder structure

Bare-metal backup: Retention policy based on the backup age

Bare-metal backup: Option to specify how often full and incremental backups are performed

Install new version when clicking New version is available message

Files backed up from a mapped drive and then deleted from the cloud were not backed up again

Incorrect backup size calculation. Skipped and excluded files did not show in the tree view of files selected for backup

Flickering when entering an email address for reports

Misplaced description for the Email address and End time boxes

Artifacts in the search view of the recovery wizard

Default value for the From filter in the recovery wizard was always 26.05.2016

Adjusted search button height and layout in the recovery wizard

Broken validation of the End at value on the last step of the recovery wizard


Crash after login if there was a broken task in the Windows Tasks Scheduler


Automatic configuration option

Failover for OBRM (web calls during backup server interactions)

Restrictions for SOS Personal backup accounts: Disable advanced folder, Exchange and SQL backup types

Protected file type filters: Support for wildcards; moved from the Advanced options menu to the Select files to protect step of the wizard

Option to omit the account name when starting the backup using sosuploadagent.exe backupnow console command

Send notification email with a list of files for deletion by the Advanced Folder retention policies

Migrated from .Net Framework 4.0 to 4.5

UI: Menu opening delay; restyled the Next and Back buttons

Unable to select the TEMP folder for SQL backup

Remove the Confirm password box if Backup even when Windows user is not logged on selected

Path to files in the cloud differed from the path at a NAS device

Backup failure with error OutOfMemoryException for large backup sets


Clarified explanations for the Time-Limited Backup and Cloud Time-Limited Backup retention policies

Updated the SSL Options screen

Microsoft Exchange backup: If database status is FailedAndSuspend, do not backup it

Some files downloaded twice during recovery

Remote backup policy would not override the file and folder retention policy set in OBRM

A file named same as a folder did not show in the recovery tree

Changed the label of the button in the Recovery View (x replaced with Clear)

File paths in the cloud differed from the file paths on a NAS device

Error ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object

Unable to save the backup set after LiveProtect for a file was disabled

Microsoft Exchange backup: VSS writer failed after the first backup

Upload agent UI would not update if there were more than 100,000 failed files

Unhandled exception during the Advanced Folder backup

Clipped names of the Microsoft SQL databases

Backup service would not start occasionally


Dutch localization

Support for mount points backup

Monitoring when an EDB file backup failed with the CRC error

SQL backup did not work with the named instances