You can change the admin account used to activate backup task, and the type of authorization. For this:

  1. In the CAB Management Portal, click Backups in the sidebar menu.

    The list of backup tasks opens.

  2. Click SharePoint Online or Edit ().

    The backup task page opens.

  3. Click the connection status icon ( or ).

    The authentication dialog box opens.

    1. Select the preferred authorization type.


      Since Microsoft will soon deprecate the credentials-based authorization for their Microsoft 365 services, we do not recommend using it, and thus it is not available by default. For SharePoint Online backup tasks, only the OAuth-based authorization is available.
    2. Click Authenticate to go to the Microsoft 365 sign-in page, and complete authorization for another admin account.

      After you complete Microsoft 365 authorization, you will be automatically redirected to the backup task page again.