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Pair the Disaster Recovery backup agent for Windows with Backup & Disaster Recovery appliance

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Initial pairing

After the backup agent is installed, it gets into the Waiting for pairing state, and waits 24 hours to receive the settings (password and port) from Backup & Disaster Recovery appliance to establish connection.

Backup agent is waiting for pairing

To establish connection between the backup agent and appliance, in the appliance Management Console:

  1. Create a configuration for the client you want to back up.

  2. In the newly created client configuration, click Push Client Settings in the General group.

    Push client settings

The backup agent on the client will receive the settings from appliance and get into the Paired state.

Backup agent is paired

Change pairing

To pair the client with another appliance:

  1. On the client you want to pair, run the backup agent.

  2. Expand settings, and then click Disconnect from Appliance.

    Connection settings

  3. In the open dialog box, click Disconnect.

    Confirm disconnection

    The backup agent will get into the Waiting for pairing state.

    Backup agent is waiting for pairing

  4. In the appliance Management Console you want to pair with, add a new client, and then push client settings.