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Manage Cloud Application Backup in the Dashboard

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To manage Infrascale Cloud Application Backup (CAB):

  1. Sign in to your account in the Dashboard.

  2. Go to Application BackupActivation & Management.

    Menu item

    The consolidated CAB page opens.

Information on the page is presented in the table format with the following columns:

Column Description
Company Name of the company CAB is turned on for
Parent Name of the parent company
Login Username of the administrator account used to manage CAB for the company
Plan CAB plan used by the company. Click to change the plan.
Data Center Location Location of the AWS data center where the CAB backup data resides
Date Created Date when CAB was activated for the company
Cloud Usage Apps the company uses CAB for with amount of space in the Infrascale cloud used by the app backup data or number of accounts protected within CAB
Link Link to access the CAB Management Portal

Consolidated view

By default, the system shows 30 records in the table per page. To browse over records, use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page. Also, you can enter a number in the box, and then press Enter to go to the respective page.


Name Icon Description
Next Next page icon Go to the next page
Previous Previous page icon Go to the previous page
Last Last page icon Go to the last page
First First page icon Go to the first page

Show or hide data

You can select what data to show on the page. For this, click Show / hide columns on the upper right, and then select or clear the columns you want to show or hide.

Show or hide data

Sort data

You can sort data in the table in ascending or descending order by:

  • name of the company CAB is turned on for (Company),

  • name of the parent company (Parent),

  • username of the administrator account used to manage CAB for the company (Login), or

  • CAB plan used by the company (Plan).

For this, click the name of the corresponding column.

Sort data

Filter data

You can filter data in the table by:

  • parent company (Parent),

  • company CAB is turned on for (Company), and

  • username of the company administrator account (Login).

For this, set the desired filters on the toolbar, and then click Apply.

Filter data

To reset all filters at once, click Clear (Clear filters icon) next to the filters on the toolbar.

Export data

You can export all data (in all visible and hidden columns) regarding CAB shown in the table to an XLS spreadsheet. For this, click Export to Excel on the lower right, and then save the file with the exported data to the desired location.

Export data