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Configuring network ports for the Cloud Failover Appliance

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A Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA) is designed to function behind a firewall. To ensure its proper operation, you must open the network ports as per sections that follow.

Between the CFA and the internet

Port Protocol Direction Purpose
122 TCP CFA to support.myinfrascale.net Technical support tunnel. Allows the Support team to access the CFA remotely for troubleshooting.
443 TCP CFA to services.myinfrascale.net
CFA to secure.sosonlinebackup.com
Registration. Required to register the CFA in the Dashboard during the initial configuration.
    CFA to license.myeversync.com
CFA to billing.myeversync.com
CFA to licapi.evscloud.com
Licensing. Allows for validating the CFA license on a daily basis.
    CFA to update.evscloud.com
CFA to uip.evscloud.com
Software updates. Allows the CFA to download firmware updates (never installed automatically).
    CFA to sr.inf-us-ut-1.myinfrascale.net
CFA to uip.inf-us-ut-1.myinfrascale.net
CFA to sr.inf-ca-tor-1.myinfrascale.net
CFA to uip.inf-ca-tor-1.myinfrascale.net
CFA to sr.inf-uk-nhm-1.myinfrascale.net
CFA to uip.inf-uk-nhm-1.myinfrascale.net
Remote access from the Dashboard. Allows for accessing the CFA directly from the Dashboard. If needed, you can turn this on or off later in the CFA Management Console.
    CFA to cm.sosonlinebackup.com Sending monitoring events to the Dashboard. Allows for centralized monitoring of backups and health of the CFA in the Dashboard.
443, 2300 TCP CFA to r.inf-us-ut-1.myinfrascale.net
CFA to r.inf-uk-nhm-1.myinfrascale.net
CFA to r.inf-ca-tor-1.myinfrascale.net
Replication. Allows for sending the encrypted backup data to the cloud 1.

Between the CFA and a protected machine

In Windows, these ports are opened automatically during installation of the disaster recovery backup agent.

Port Protocol Direction Purpose
9101, 9102, 9103, 9104, 9105 TCP CFA to client machine Basic CFA communication
9102 UDP Client machine to CFA CFA auto-discovery
139, 445 TCP Client machine to CFA DR image backup (Samba ports)
135, 137, 138 UDP Client machine to CFA DR image backup (Samba ports)

In a Unix-like operating system, you also have to open the following ports:

Port Protocol Direction Purpose
22 TCP CFA to client machine SSH-based management
873 TCP CFA to client machine rsync daemon port

Between the CFA and VMware vCenter Server or ESXi host

Port Protocol Direction Purpose
443, 902 TCP CFA to VMware vCenter Server or ESXi host VMware VM backup

Between the CFA and an administrative machine

An administrative machine is a machine used to access the CFA via the Management Console or by other means.

Port Protocol Direction Purpose
80, 443 TCP Administrative machine to CFA Access to the CFA Management Console
22 TCP Administrative machine to CFA SSH-based management of the CFA (optional)
  1. This traffic may not be monitored using the network traffic inspection tools due to high volume. You may choose not to open these ports in the standalone setups or in the environments with peer-to-peer replication to another CFA at the same data center.