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Release notes for the Dashboard

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Personalized points of contact at Infrascale for distributors and partners shown on the main page

Information about the total and the used space on the primary appliance (Purchased Primary Storage and Used Primary Storage columns) to the Site Summary page

Failure to view the details of a backup account (error Invalid backup user name or you don't have permissions to view this account)


Introduced a completely new portal for the partners—Partner Connect that is accessible from the Dashboard menu


Option to recover backup data from the cloud at the folder level (not only individual files, but whole folders with all files in them)


New backup and retention policies

User groups for the backup accounts


Improved and updated the way the cloud overage within Backup & Disaster Recovery is calculated and shown

Improved and extended the options to configure the backup account creation when creating a custom OBRM installation package


When signing in to the Dashboard using SSO via Azure Active Directory, the sign-in could fail because of the account username check being case-sensitive


Automatic group membership mapping within the SCIM user management using Azure Active Directory

Scanning interval of the appliance downtime sensor must be between 300 and 600 seconds


Column with the MAC address of the appliance on the Site Summary page

Removed the 2-GB file limit when sharing the backup data


Support for Autotask PSA SOAP API version 1.6

Removed the 2-GB file limit when recovering and downloading the backup data

Failure to hide columns on the Backup Accounts page

When resetting the account password, the system did not accept the allowed special characters (-, _, ,, |, \, <, >, ., /, +, =, and ?) in the new password


Increased the available scanning intervals for the appliance hardware monitoring

When configuring MFA, Microsoft Authenticator failed to scan the QR code (error Invalid activation barcode)


Single sign-on authentication

SCIM user management via Azure Active Directory

Reworked and re-arranged the main menu to improve navigation, information findability and retrievability

Moved Browse My Backups and Browse My Shares menu items from Disaster Recovery to Endpoint Backup section where they should belong


Excel spreadsheet with data exported from MonitoringEndpoints now includes details about backup job boot verification for the Backup & Disaster Recovery appliances

When a backup account turns TOTP MFA on, the system may show a warning if a device of the backup account has an outdated version of OBRM installed

The system now prevents creation of backup accounts and Dashboard users with the same usernames

Dashboard monitoring system retries data pushing to ConnectWise Manage if the previous one failed

The value shown in ManageDR Sites & AppliancesProtected column is the largest of the two values (Protected Primary and Protected Secondary) available upon hovering

Duplicate Cancel Company option in the drop-down menu shown upon clicking Manage in ManageCompanies

Invalid values shown in the Latest Restore Point Primary and Latest Restore Point Cloud columns (MonitoringEndpoints) for the Backup & Disaster Recovery appliances

Functionality of and all artifacts related to File Sharing since this product is not supported

Licensing option for and all artifacts related to Exchange Granular Recovery since this product is not supported


CAPTCHA when resetting the account password

TOTP authentication when signing in to the Dashboard

Option to delete (unregister and remove) appliances that are offline (ManageDR Sites & Appliances)

Re-arranged data in ManageDR Sites & Appliances (added the Local Storage column showing how much space is taken on the primary appliance relative to its capacity with details available upon hovering; added the Cloud Storage column showing how much space is taken on the secondary appliance relative to its capacity with details available upon hovering; added the Protected column showing the protected space on the primary and on the secondary appliances with details available upon hovering; removed the Capacity, Used Space, Protected Primary, and Protected Secondary columns)

MonitoringAppliance Hardware page was not available because of the server error

Failure to export data to Excel (Error occurred during retrieval of data)

Failure to create a custom MSI package (General MSI generator error)

Failure to delete an appliance belonging to a child entity with false-positive notification on successful deletion

Chat Now! item from the Help menu


Option to delete (unregister and remove) appliances (ManageDR Sites & Appliances)

Renamed an event type filter Backup completed without errors to Backup successful in the ticketing settings for ConnectWise Manage and Autotask PSA (IntegrationsConnectWise ManageTicketing SettingsSettings and IntegrationsAutotask PSATicketing SettingsSettings)

Updated option names and descriptions for the backup account settings (SettingsBackup Accounts)


Updated Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions acceptance page wording


Option to change Cloud Application Backup plan

Boot verification screenshot was not shown if the appliance was registered under company administrator

Sometimes canceled backup accounts remained listed in MonitoringEndpoints


Custom MSI: Option to turn automatic log-in on or off

Custom MSI: Backups on a client can be managed under single backup account instead of creating a backup account for each Windows user

Monitoring: Option to send email notifications when appliance exceeds or is close to exceeding purchased protected space

Multi-factor authentication settings (SettingsMulti-Factor Authentication)

Custom MSI: Ability to use {machinename} as a wildcard in username template

Monitoring: Column for notifications in MonitoringEndpoints

Remote backup policies: Option to use LiveProtect for files and folders in backup sets

Ability to enable Cloud Application Backup when creating company

Monitoring: Boot Verification column in MonitoringEndpoints

Monitoring: Generation of over-quota events for appliances

ConnectWise Billing: Ability to push usage rounded to block border instead of blocks

Option to enable multi-factor authentication only for Dashboard users

Ability to edit account phone number in SettingsAdministration

Dashboard now requires admin users to have a strong password. It evaluates passwords to meet a number of requirements to be considered strong

If you remove a scheduled backup on the client, it is also removed from MonitoringEndpoints

Remote backup policies: Ability to include and exclude not only personal files and folders when using SYSTEM account

System failed to create a company without admin backup account if there was no unallocated space left

Monitoring: System failed to send daily monitoring digest email reports if a Dashboard administrator account was deactivated

Autotask integration: Backup completed without errors event could not be selected (IntegrationsAutotask PSATicketing SettingsSettings)

ConnectWise Billing: Value column in IntegrationsConnectWise ManageBilling Settings (View History) showed GB prefix instead of blocks

LiveProtect events were not shown in MonitoringEndpoints

Monitoring: Last Successful Backup column from MonitoringEndpoints


ConnectWise Ticketing: Ability to generate tickets for successful backups

Dedicated monitoring page for disaster recovery sites and appliances (MonitoringDR Sites & Appliances)

Dedicated monitoring page for Cloud Application Backup

Autotask integration: Support of Cloud Application Backup events

ConnectWise Ticketing: Support of Cloud Application Backup events

Cloud Application Backup: Backup events on the History page

Monitoring: Generation of an alert if a backup job takes more than one day

Rebranding: Ability to use an email address as Contact Us URL

Date formats are now defined by selected locale

No events for the current date on the Analytics tab

Sometimes recovery report could not be downloaded

Sometimes remote recovery was reported as successful despite an absence of the target data in recovery folder


Option to skip sending the welcome email when creating companies

ConnectWise integration: Option to manage pushing of billing and ticketing data on the company level

Email templates: Ability to clone localized email templates from distributor

Cloud Application Backup: System now shows the total number of mailboxes in addition to the number of protected mailboxes

Login page rebranding did not work for URL addresses without dashboard subdomain

Autotask integration: Occasional failure to create new tickets

Sometimes the system detected device location inaccurately


ConnectWise Ticketing: Option to link appliance tickets to related configuration items

Remote backup policy: Option to configure bandwidth throttling settings

Ability to start all configured Advanced Folder backups on a target device

Remote backup policy: Option to use wildcard characters to include or exclude files and folders

Date Created column in ManageCloud Application Backup

Remote backup policy: Ability to use SYSTEM account for backup

Column for used space in ManagePartners

Remote backup policy: Ability to use %UserProfile% variable as placeholder

Remote backup policy: Ability to manage includes and excludes for the scanner

Cloud Application Backup: ConnectWise billing for Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Workspace, Salesforce

ConnectWise Ticketing: Ability to generate a ticket only if issue persists for a given number of days

Cloud Application Backup: ConnectWise billing for Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

DR Sites & Appliances: Editable column – Purchased Protected GB, which shows the overall purchased protected space in gigabytes; Protected Primary and Protected Secondary columns now show the relevant percent of space based on data specified in the Purchased Protected GB column

Autotask Ticketing: Added option to select a closed ticket to get through integration if initial backup issue is resolved

Web API: Implemented Cloud Application Backup provisioning method

ConnectWise Billing: Added Shadow Protect support

ConnectWise Billing: Loader on the ConnectWise company mapping dialog

Updated wording in the account cleanup notification

Remote backup policy: Updated design of the Scanner settings section when editing remote backup policies

Updated layout of UI elements when creating a new partner (ManagePartnersCreate New Partner)

Performance of total license calculation

User interface: Manage button was replaced with the gear icon

Manage button in ManageCompanies disappeared when zooming the page in

Fixed issues in Spanish localization

No backup for 3/7 days events were taken into account in the calculation of last backup date

Manage options (Manage Primary, Manage Cloud) were sometimes unavailable in MonitoringEndpoints

Some users were unable to sign in to their backup accounts in the Dashboard

Minor UI flaws in the Advanced Folder Backup settings

ConnectWise Ticketing: Occasional tickets, previously created with empty Summary and Notes, are generated properly now

Autotask Ticketing: Unable to save ticketing settings without configuration items matching condition

DR Sites & Appliances: Manage button was hidden for inactive appliances

Sometimes scroll bar appeared when it was not needed

ConnectWise Billing: Removed invalid link to the Edit Partner page

Export to Excel on ConnectWise Billing and Cloud Application Backup pages. Exported information was incomplete

ConnectWise integration: Some error messages were ambiguous

Remote Backup Policy: Just scan user personal folders option now requires Windows user credentials

DR Sites & Appliances: Layout was inaccurate on a low-resolution displays

Devices page: Sorting was not working for a large number of devices (3000+)

Monitoring page: Indicator value was not reset after the page refresh


New Signup New Partner email template

Monitoring page: Default Error and Warning filter indicator

Download section: Added links to virtual appliances for VMware and Hyper-V

Appliances page: Added number of events into the Status column; the Cloud Region column reflects geographical location of the data center; Last check-in time is shown for the offline appliances

Reporting: Ability to customize execution time for the daily monitoring digest email report

Rebranding: Ability for distributors to disable rebranding for some of their partners

ConnectWise Ticketing: Ability to manage type, subtype and item of a ticket

ConnectWise Ticketing: Customization of the Summary description field format

Use partner’s locale as default for backup accounts, created from the Dashboard

Web API: Extended the getEntityHierarchy method to return ConnectWise ID field

ConnectWise Ticketing: Ticket priority management

Filter for the Show/Hide column on pages: Partners, Companies, Backup Accounts, Backup Policies, Appliances, Cloud Application Backup, Licenses, Endpoints Monitoring, Backup History, Create Custom MSI, Dashboard Accounts, Email Templates, ConnectWise Ticketing

ConnectWise Ticketing: Push of Account is near quota and Account is over quota monitoring events as Service Desk tickets

Autotask Ticketing

Companies page: Hierarchy support – distributors can view sub-companies of the child partners

ConnectWise Ticketing: Ability to select which Closed tickets get set to through the integration if the initial backup issue is resolved

ConnectWise Ticketing: Ability to test integration by manually pushing the existing monitoring events to ConnectWise as tickets

Email templates: Added company size placeholder

Cloud Application Backup can be turned on and off on the company level

Help and Support menu: Links are put in order including updating Getting Started video

ConnectWise Ticketing: If a ticket is closed manually, but the issue is recurring, then a new ticket will be created instead of updating the closed one

UI improvements: The loader of the same type implemented on all pages; new style for the backup status icons on the Monitoring page

Monitoring page: Both Previous and In progress backup statuses are shown now. In progress backup is represented by the animation in the right upper corner of the grid cell. Animation color shows if there are any issues or warnings. Last Successful Backup column now reflects the date, on which the accounts had their data protected

Appliances page: New style of the Allocated and Used columns

Role Based Access Control: Removed Manage Application Users permission

Contact Us URL field validating: Extended the list of the allowed top-level .tech domains

ManageAppliances renamed as ManageDR Sites & Appliances

ConnectWise Billing: Improved configuration flow

Occasional inaccurate number of alerts

Appliances of the canceled companies were shown

Appliances page: Filtering did not work

Search through the backed up files did not work as expected, if user previously searched on an incomplete file path

Some users were unable to delete their folders from the cloud