Cloud Application Backup: ConnectWise billing for Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

DR Sites & Appliances: Editable column – Purchased Protected GB, which shows the overall purchased protected space in gigabytes; Protected Primary and Protected Secondary columns now show the relevant percent of space based on data specified in the Purchased Protected GB column

Autotask Ticketing: Ticket auto-close – added ability to select which Closed ticket gets set to through the integration if initial backup issue is resolved

Web API: Implemented Cloud Application Backup provisioning method

ConnectWise Billing: Added Shadow Protect support

ConnectWise Billing: Loader on the ConnectWise company mapping dialog

Performance of total license calculation

UI: the Manage button was replaced with the gear icon

Some users were unable to sign in to their backup accounts in the Dashboard

Minor UI flaws in the Advanced Folder Backup settings

ConnectWise Ticketing: Occasional tickets, previously created with empty Summary and Notes, are generated properly now

Autotask Ticketing: Unable to save ticketing settings without configuration items matching condition

DR Sites & Appliances: Manage button was hidden for inactive CFAs

Sometimes scroll bar appeared when it was not needed

ConnectWise Billing: Removed invalid link to the Edit Partner page

Export to Excel on ConnectWise Billing and Cloud Application Backup pages. Exported information was incomplete

ConnectWise integration: Some error messages were ambiguous

Remote Backup Policy: Just scan user personal folders option now requires Windows user credentials

DR Sites & Appliances: Layout was inaccurate on a low-resolution displays

Devices page: Sorting was not working for a large number of devices (3000+)

Monitoring page: Indicator value was not reset after the page refresh


New Signup New Partner email template

Monitoring page: Default Error and Warning filter indicator

Download section: Added links to virtual CFAs for VMware and Hyper-V

Appliances page: Added number of events into the Status column; the Cloud Region column reflects geographical location of the data center; Last check-in time is shown for the offline CFAs

Reporting: Ability to customize execution time for the daily monitoring digest email report

Rebranding: Ability for distributors to disable rebranding for some of their partners

ConnectWise Ticketing: Ability to manage type, subtype and item of a ticket

ConnectWise Ticketing: Customization of the Summary description field format

Use partner’s locale as default for backup accounts, created from the Dashboard

Web API: Extended the getEntityHierarchy method to return ConnectWise ID field

ConnectWise Ticketing: Ticket priority management

Filter for the Show/Hide column on pages: Partners, Companies, Backup Accounts, Backup Policies, Appliances, Cloud Application Backup, Licenses, Endpoints Monitoring, Backup History, Create Custom MSI, Dashboard Accounts, Email Templates, ConnectWise Ticketing

ConnectWise Ticketing: Push of Account is near quota and Account is over quota monitoring events as Service Desk tickets

Autotask Ticketing

Companies page: Hierarchy support – distributors can view sub-companies of the child partners

ConnectWise Ticketing: Ability to select which Closed tickets get set to through the integration if the initial backup issue is resolved

ConnectWise Ticketing: Ability to test integration by manually pushing the existing monitoring events to ConnectWise as tickets

Email templates: Added company size placeholder

Cloud Application Backup can be turned on and off on the company level

Help and Support menu: Links are put in order including updating Getting Started video

ConnectWise Ticketing: If a ticket is closed manually, but the issue is recurring, then a new ticket will be created instead of updating the closed one

UI improvements: The loader of the same type implemented on all pages; new style for the backup status icons on the Monitoring page

Monitoring page: Both Previous and In progress backup statuses are shown now. In progress backup is represented by the animation in the right upper corner of the grid cell. Animation color shows if there are any issues or warnings. Last Successful Backup column now reflects the date, on which the accounts had their data protected

Appliances page: New style of the Allocated and Used columns

Role Based Access Control: Removed Manage Application Users permission

Contact Us URL field validating: Extended the list of the allowed top-level .tech domains

ManageAppliances renamed as ManageDR Sites & Appliances

ConnectWise Billing: Improved configuration flow

Occasional inaccurate number of alerts

Appliances of the canceled companies were shown

Appliances page: Filtering did not work

Search through the backed up files did not work as expected, if user previously searched on an incomplete file path

Some users were unable to delete their folders from the cloud