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Create a Dashboard user

To create a Dashboard user:

  1. Sign in to your account in the Dashboard.

  2. Go to AccountsDashboard Accounts.

    Menu item

    The consolidated users page opens.

  3. Click Create User.

    Create user action

    The New User dialog opens.

  4. Provide the following details and select necessary options:

    Details Necessity Description
    Company/Reseller Required Target entity to create a user within
    Username Required Name of the user used to sign in to the Dashboard
    Role Required Role of the user. See details.
    Use Company’s Contacts Optional Use contact details of the company, partner, or distributor
    Email Required Contact email of the user
    Contact Name Required Contact name of the user
    Phone Number Required Contact phone number of the user

    Create user view

  5. Click Create to create the Dashboard user.

    If you do not want to create the user, click Close (Close icon) or press Esc to close the dialog.

    The system creates the user, and now you can view the relevant information and manage the user on the consolidated users page.