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Online Backup and Recovery Manager logs in macOS

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Locate logs and databases

Go to the folder where Online Backup and Recovery Manager (OBRM) is installed (~/Library/Online Backup and Recovery Manager).

OBRM installation folder

  • The Logs folder contains OBRM logs.

  • A folder named the same as backup account username contains OBRM local configuration and backup databases (config.db and protect.db respectively).

OBRM account folder

Switch logs to debug mode

To switch OBRM logs to the debug mode in macOS:

  1. Go to the folder where OBRM is installed (for example, ~/Library/Online Backup and Recovery Manager).

  2. In the OBRM folder, open the app.config file with a text editor.

    Open configuration file

  3. Replace <DebugMode>false</DebugMode> with <DebugMode>true</DebugMode>, save changes and close the file.


    Edited configuration file

  4. Close OBRM, and then open it again to apply changes.