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Backup & Disaster Recovery how-tos

Archive backup jobs manuallyBack up files stored on NSS volumes on OES Linux serverBack up Microsoft SQL Server database as flat fileBack up Oracle databasesBoot Cloud Failover Appliance in NoRAID modeBrowse and restore, or quick restore from Cloud Failover ApplianceChange RAID level on Cloud Failover ApplianceChecklist for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 backup in Windows 2003Checklist for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 backup in Windows 2003Checklist for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 backup in Windows 2008Checklist for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 backup in Windows 2008Clear space on Cloud Failover ApplianceConfigure clients on Cloud Failover ApplianceConfigure disaster recovery image backup on Cloud Failover ApplianceConfigure Microsoft Exchange Server backup on Cloud Failover ApplianceConfigure Microsoft SQL Server backup on Cloud Failover ApplianceConnect to Cloud Failover Appliance over virtual private networkCopy archive disksCreate and use shared file sets on Cloud Failover ApplianceDelete client from Cloud Failover ApplianceFind and connect to Cloud Failover Appliance on local networkInstall Bacula on Windows 2000, XP, or 2003 without Microsoft .NET FrameworkJoin Cloud Failover Appliance to Active DirectoryMap NAS shareMark media as archiveMove secondary Cloud Failover Appliance to remote siteMute or suppress alerts and warnings for Cloud Failover AppliancesPause all scheduled jobs for all clients on Cloud Failover Appliance at oncePerform system state restorePrevent automatic deletion of backup jobsRecover Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes with Recovery Storage GroupReduce protected space on Cloud Failover ApplianceReset Changed Block Tracking for VMware virtual machinesReset Cloud Failover Appliance to factory settingsReset networking settings on Cloud Failover Appliance to defaultReset password on Cloud Failover ApplianceRestart backup service on Cloud Failover Appliance, or disaster recovery backup agentRestore Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and 2007Restore Microsoft Exchange Server 2010Restore Microsoft SQL Server databaseRestore Windows registry partiallyRestrict access from Dashboard to Cloud Failover ApplianceTest network speed between Cloud Failover Appliance and clientsUpdate firmware of Cloud Failover Appliance from DashboardUpdate firmware of Cloud Failover ApplianceUse both network interface controllers on Cloud Failover ApplianceUse UNC paths to back up network shared folders