Restart backup service on Cloud Failover Appliance, or disaster recovery backup agent

If the backups seem locked or frozen (for example, not cleared when canceled), or if the Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA) acts strangely, or if you just need to stop all backup jobs immediately, you have to restart the backup service.

To restart the backup service on the CFA:

  1. Sign in to the CFA Management Console.

  2. Go to SystemDirector Status.

    The Director Status subtab shows the details about the RVX-Backup kernel version—that is, when the backup daemons started and how many jobs have run since then.

  3. Click Restart Backup Service.

    This will cause all running, importing, and deduping jobs to stop.

Sometimes, when a backup job was canceled or is hung, it still appears in JobsActive Jobs or ClientsSummary. If this is due to the server-side issues, it is best to stop and restart the service on the agent (server side).

You can stop and start again the backup agent service using the built-in service manager on your server.

If you are using a Windows client, start the backup agent, and on the Service Control tab, click Stop, and then click Start.