Connect to Backup & Disaster Recovery appliance over the virtual private network

These instructions use Shrew Soft VPN Client for Windows as an example. If you use another VPN client, or another operating system, the routine may differ somewhat.

  1. Contact Infrascale Support to request the VPN access to your Backup & Disaster Recovery appliance.

    After we set up the VPN on the appliance, we will send you an email with VPN configuration details.

  2. Download and install Shrew Soft VPN Client.

  3. Open the VPN client (VPN Access Manager), and click Add (or EditAdd).

    Add site

    The VPN Site Configuration dialog box opens.

  4. On the General tab, in the Host Name or IP Address box, enter the host name you received in the email.

    Host name or IP address

  5. On the Authentication tab:

    1. In the Authentication Method drop-down list, select Mutual PSK + XAuth.

      Authentication method

    2. On the Credentials subtab, in the Pre Shared Key box, enter the pre-shared key you received in the email.

      Pre-shared key

  6. On the Phase 1 tab, in the Exchange Type drop-down list, select main.

    Exchange type

  7. Click Save to apply changes.

  8. Select the newly created configuration, and then click Connect.

    Connect to site

    The VPN Connect dialog box opens.

  9. On the Connect tab:

    • In the Username box, enter the VPN username you received in the email.

    • In the Password box, enter the VPN password you received in the email.

    Site credentials

  10. Click Connect to establish the VPN connection.

    The VPN client will show tunnel opened after it establishes the connection successfully.