Reset networking settings on Cloud Failover Appliance to default

  1. Restart the Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA).

    Once the CFA boots, it will show the login screen.

  2. Log in, and then select Configure Networking Option.

  3. Select Reset to Default.

    This resets the networking configuration.

  4. Change all values as necessary—that is, short name, domain name, and default gateway.

  5. Select Restart Networking.

  6. Proceed with the configuration further to configure IP address (static or via DHCP).

  7. Save changes, and then restart the CFA.

If you assigned a static address to the device, you will need to reboot the CFA to apply the correct address, but, during the initial setup the system will take a few minutes to set up the directory and storage structure and you will need to wait for this to finish before you reboot the CFA. The status of this process can be found in the system messages at the bottom of the screen. Do not restart the system until the UCAR setup is at 100%, and the system shows The system is ready. With all this done, please try to access the CFA management console through the web GUI.