Booting CFA into NoRAID mode is typically done via the Support request during the troubleshooting process. It requires physical access to the CFA.

  1. Make sure you have a console (keyboard, mouse, and monitor) plugged into the CFA.

  2. Reboot the CFA:

    • Log in to the Console Configuration Utility, and then run reboot; or

    • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del in the console command prompt.

  3. After the CFA restarts, press either the Up arrow key or the Down arrow key until you get to the GRUB menu.

  4. Select the No Raid option, and then press Enter.

This will bring your CFA back up in a fashion that’ll make it easier for engineering to fix the file system.


The Used Space bar at the bottom of the Management Console won’t show the accurate amount of space, and you’ll also not be able to view information in Jobs > History. This is an expected side-effect of the NoRAID mode. Rebooting from Settings > Reboot will restart the CFA in the regular mode.