Booting CFA into NoRAID mode is typically done via Support request during the troubleshooting process. It requires physical access to the CFA.
  • Make sure you have a console (keyboard, mouse, and monitor) plugged into the CFA.
  • Reboot the CFA:
    • Log into the console Ctrl + Alt + F2 > login using username: root password: what you use to log into the CFA > run the "reboot" command or "shutdown" command. Note: You will need to restart after using "shutdown".
    • Hit Ctrl > Alt > Del from the console command prompt.
  • As the CFA backs up (shortly after the bios loads) you will want to press either the "up arrow" or "down arrow" key until you get to the grub menu.
  • Select the third option (No Raid)
    • Hit Enter
This will bring your CFA back up in a fashion that will make it easier for Engineering to fix the filesystem.

Note: The "Used Space" bar at the bottom of the WebGUI will not show the accurate amount of space, and you will also not be able to view the Jobs > History data. Please do not be alarmed- this is an expected side-effect of NoRAID mode.
Rebooting from System > Settings > Reboot > Selecting "Reboot" will restart the CFA into operational mode, but please do not do this until Support confirms they are finished with whatever troubleshooting they are performing.