The following information applies both to the primary and to the secondary CFAs.

By default, a backup job can be deleted automatically

  • under the retention settings, or

  • if the respective client is deleted/unregistered, and the CFA was configured to delete the orphaned jobs.

To prevent automatic deletion of a backup job in those cases, you can pin the job as follows:

  1. In the CFA Management Console, go to Jobs > History.

  2. Right-click a successfully completed job, and then click Pin Job.

  3. In the Date Until Pinned combo box, set the date, by which the job will stay pinned.

  4. In the Comments box, enter a comment, and then click OK.

Pinned jobs are indicated by a checkmark in the Pinned column. You can sort and/or filter the jobs by this status.

To unpin a job, right-click the pinned job, and then click Unpin Job.

To view or edit the details of a pinned job, right-click the pinned job, and then click Pin Info.