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Automatic Job Management

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The Automatic Job Management section allows enabling the global job setting management and define the management options.

Automatic Job Management section


Setting Description
Enable Automatic Job Management Enables the system to automatically delete jobs after their retention period expires. Retention periods are set on a per-client basis using ClientsEdit. See the Default Retention Policy section.
Immediately Delete Erred Jobs Enables the system to automatically delete any unsuccessful jobs. Erred jobs can be a source of hidden used space even if the job says 0 bytes were saved. It is recommended to delete erred jobs unless they are part of troubleshooting an issue with the Infrascale Support.
Job Retention Policy Select a job retention policy from the drop-down list. By default, jobs are automatically deleted if a job’s backup level has been selected for recycling, and the retention period for the backup level has expired. Job retention periods are set on the per-client basis. Select Preserve Single Job Set if you want the system to save an old job until a more recent full backup exists. Appliance will save the most recent full and all subsequent differential and incremental backups until a new full is successfully backed up.
Job Schedules Enable or disable backup job schedules
Preform Retention Scan When enabled, all clients will be backed up according to their schedules. When disabled, no schedules are used and only manual backups will be performed. Appliance will scan for jobs outside of their retention policy every hour. You can start one manually by selecting Right Now.