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History of the archived jobs

This functionality is deprecated and not available since Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery 8.12.0.

Use the History subtab to view past archive jobs. This can help you determine if an archive completed and which client jobs were archived:

History subtab

You can use the checkboxes and drop-down list at the top of the display to:

  • List jobs that have been purged or that erred

  • Show the media for the jobs

  • Sort the list by time instead of by name

  • Show only specific clients

To apply your selections, click Redisplay.

The name of each archive set is a link that you can click for a more detailed view of the archive job:

Archive set details

The message at the top of the display indicates the status of the archive catalog. The screen lists the following information:

  • The archive name

  • The archive jobs

  • The archive media information

If the status message indicates that the media volume containing the archive catalog is present (green check under ArchiveStatus) and the catalog is online, you can click a job Browse button to view the job browse interface. From this interface, you can select files and folders to restore to the client that you select.