Use the History subtab to view past archive jobs. This can help you determine if an archive completed and which client jobs were archived:

You can use the checkboxes and drop-down list at the top of the display to:

  • List jobs that have been purged or that erred
  • Show the media for the jobs
  • Sort the list by time instead of by name
  • Show only specific clients

To apply your selections, click Redisplay.

The name of each archive set is a link that you can click for a more detailed view of the archive job:

The message at the top of the display indicates the status of the archive catalog. The screen lists the following information:

  • The archive name
  • The archive jobs
  • The archive media information

If the status message indicates that the media volume containing the archive catalog is present (green check under Archive > Status) and the catalog is online, you can click a job Browse button to view the job browse interface. From this interface, you can select files and folders to restore to the client that you select.