What is Appliance Network Share?

Appliance Network Share is a local folder on the CFA, which allows you to keep files and folders restored from backups. Restoring to this folder is much faster compared with restoring to other destinations.

Size of the Appliance Network Share is not predefined, but varies depending on the free space on the CFA.

wb_incandescent You can see the free space in the lower-left part of the Management Console, on the RAID bar.

Here, you can find the list of folders stored in the Appliance Network Share, how much space they take, and when they were created (i.e., restored). Also, you can remove folders completely to free up space on the CFA.

How to access Appliance Network Share?

Since access to the Appliance Network Share is provided via the SMB 2.0 protocol, you can use the OS built-in tools or the appropriate third-party SMB client to browse and manage the restored files and folders.

You may have to provide user credentials to access the Appliance Network Share. These are the same used to log in to the CFA Management Console.

For example, in Windows, open your Internet browser or File Explorer, and enter \\ip_address\restored_jobs, where ip_address is the IP address of the CFA.

In macOS, open Finder, click Go > Connect to Server, enter smb://ip_address/restored_jobs, where ip_address is the IP address of the CFA.

How to restore to Appliance Network Share?

When browsing and restoring files and folders from a client or from a backup job, select Appliance Network Share as the destination point.