• Device is offline (grey);
  • BareMetal Backup Installation Progress;
  • Verifying the upload speed of BareMetal images;

Device is offline (grey)

In case the device is offline grey, set OBRM logs to DEBUG mode How to change OBRM logs to DEBUG level on Windows OS?
Then, check the following log file RemoteControl_SAgent.Service_v6.[X].log with regards to the errors on establishing the Remote Control Connection.
Often, RC port 4849 is blocked by Firewalls/Antivirus software, so ask the customer to whitelist the outbound traffic to following server rc.managedoffsitebackup.net on ports 4849, 80, 443. Additionally, try to open the webpage https://rc.managedoffsitebackup.net:4849/login in Internet Explorer.
The screenshot of the successfully opened page (not blocked):

User-added image

Some Firewalls/AVs that block .Net CLR that affects the remote control. In such cases, the blocking functionality of the security software should be carefully examined

BareMetal Backup Installation Progress

BareMetal download and installation may take time. The download/installation time depends on the network bandwidth and the network route to the server.
** To check the status of the download:

  • Click Win + R buttons;
  • Type (without quotes): "perfmon /res" and hit Enter (another variant is described in Verifying the upload speed)

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  • Navigate to Network tab, choose powershell.exe process, unfold Network Activity section and check the Receive speed:

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In case there is no "Receive" network activity for powershell.exe, check the log InstallBareMetall.log at C:\ProgramData\Online Backup and Recovery Manager\Logs.
The successful log entry:

2/9/2017 4:06:23 PM INFO - CommandId: e36b460f-3979-434e-8702-e9ca17e66798
2/9/2017 4:06:23 PM INFO - bareMetalInstallerUrl: http://my.managedoffsitebackup.net/downloads/BareMetal-Setup.exe
2/9/2017 4:06:23 PM INFO - \$installerPath: C:\Windows\TEMP\e36b460f-3979-434e-8702-e9ca17e66798\BareMetal-Setup.exe
2/9/2017 4:06:23 PM INFO - Start downloading BareMetal installer from : http://my.managedoffsitebackup.net/downloads/BareMetal-Setup.exe
2/9/2017 4:25:46 PM INFO - Complete downloading BareMetal installer from : http://my.managedoffsitebackup.net/downloads/BareMetal-Setup.exe
2/9/2017 4:25:46 PM INFO - Start BareMetal installation from C:\Windows\TEMP\e36b460f-3979-434e-8702-e9ca17e66798\BareMetal-Setup.exe
2/9/2017 4:25:47 PM INFO - Installation does not exist, run install with arguments /quiet
2/9/2017 4:29:33 PM INFO - Complete BareMetal installation from C:\Windows\TEMP\e36b460f-3979-434e-8702-e9ca17e66798\BareMetal-Setup.exe

> > >

In case the BareMetal option is not appearing and the InstallBareMetall.log is hanging at the status
"Complete BareMetal installation from C:\Windows\TEMP\e36b460f-3979-434e-8702-e9ca17e66798\BareMetal-Setup.exe":

  • open the folder C:\Windows\TEMP\ and sort files by Date modified. The recently created files beginning with PRM_ are the logs of BareMetal backup module installation;
  • open the logs and check them with regards to any installation errors. Report the issue to Infrascale [Support](https://www.infrascale.com/support){:target=\_blank} in case installation errors found and submit logs.

After BareMetal Backup module is successfully installed, the application BareMetal Backup should be presented:
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Verifying the upload speed of BareMetal images

As the scheduled backup is started under NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account, the OBRM backup progress does not appear on the backed up machine. In case the current transfer speed is the concern, it can be checked using Resource Monitor:

  • Click Win + R buttons;
  • Type (without quotes): "perfmon /res" and hit Enter

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Alternatively, click **Start** and enter `perfmon /res` in the **Search** box:

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  • Go to **Network**.
  • Find `SAgent.Service.exe`.
  • Expand **Network Activity** section and observe the "Send" speed of the process.

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