From your browser or phone, go to the Google Play Store and search for Managed Online Backup and install the application.

After the application has installed, open the app from the list of installed application. You will then be prompted to log in with your existing account credentials.

After you log in, you will be able to select from the options shown below:

My cloud

The My Cloud option will display all the devices that you have backed up with your Cloud Backup account. Click the device you wish to recover from, then select the file.

My Favorites

My Favorites will display directories and devices that you have favored (marked with a star).


Here you can select what folders and files you want to backup from your Android device. You can filter based on: Images, Videos, Music, Applications, and Files.

Which files are included in the backup set under the above-mentioned sections?

  • My Images: everything that Android Gallery treats as an image

    So, these are not any images across the device, but only those located in the Android Gallery.

  • My Video, My music is the same as above

    Files that are treated as video files and music files by Android Gallery.

  • My Apps is installed apk, if they are not Copy-Protected.

    Note that Android applications are backed up as binary files (.apk) without metadata.

    It is impossible to backup the metadata because it is stored on the separate partition and is accessible only for the application.

  • My Files is anything the user selects to backup (tap My Files and choose folders/files).

    Phones and tablets do not send as many files at once to the cloud. Those users with over several GB of data and or slow Internet connections may find that connecting the mobile device to a computer will be faster for uploading large data sets.

  • My Downloads

    The My Downloads section will show you all the files that are being downloaded (recovered), files that have been downloaded, and files that failed to recover (if any).

  • Settings

    The Settings section will give you your connection settings and other account and device information.