This article describes how to connect your Hyper-V host to be ready for backups to your CFA.


  1. Push install the Windows Agent and DR Imaging software to the Hyper-V host VM.
  2. Connect to the Hyper-V hypervisor with your Administrative credentials.
  3. Register available VMs as Clients so backup jobs andamp; schedules can be configured.

What you need:

  1. A configured CFA (virtual or physical).
  2. The local IP for your Hyper-V host VM.
  3. Admin credentials (full rights) for your Hyper-V hypervisor.

Step 1 - Push Install the Windows Agent and DR Imaging Software to the Hyper-V Host VM

This installation can be done manually, but there's no need with the easy to use push-install option. The Windows Agent and the DR Imaging software will both be automatically installed and configured on the host. Protecting the VMs on your Hypervisor will not require any additional installation.

  1. Login to the appropriate CFA Management console from the dashboard or directly by IP.
    1. How to access your CFA Management Console
  2. Select the 'Clients' tab, and at the top, select Actions - > Add New
  3. Enter a name for Hyper-V Host
  4. Enter the local IP for Hyper-V Host
  5. Select Push Option.
  6. Leave the schedule option blank for now.
  7. Enter domain admin creds to authorize the installation.

The end result will a new Client that you should see in your Summary tab.

Step 2 - Complete the connection to your Hyper-V host

Using the client we've configured on the Hyper-V host VM, we're going to complete the connection to your Hyper-V server so the remaining VMs can be added.

  1. In the Management Console, select the Hyper-V Tab - > Add connection (on the left side of the table).
  2. Choose the client we just setup on your Hyper-V host.
  3. You'll have the option to auto-add all VMs as Clients.
    1. This is a preference that is managed based on the number of VMs being created on a regular basis and the amount of storage available on your primary and secondary CFAs.
  4. Choose 'Connect.'
  5. Now, when in the Hyper-V tab, you'll have a list of VMs on this host, and you can right click to register them as clients.

Step 3 - Select the VMs you'd like to register as Clients

Right click and choose 'Register' for VMs that you'd like to configure for backup to your primary (and also, replication offsite).