As an administrator using the CFA for backup and DR, certain backup types are available recovery directly into our cloud as VMs. These VMs are then available for remote access through Windows Remote Desktop services.

Cloudbooting is valuable for true disaster recovery situations and needs as well as a way to easily and quickly test your backups, i.e. "fire drills for your DR solution".

These backup types include DR Image Backups of Windows Machines as well as protected Windows and Linux VMs running into VMware or Hyper-V environments.

Setup Needs

For independent Windows Machines, you'll need to create a client by installing the Windows super agent, then install the DR imaging software.
For VMware, you need to setup a connection to your VMware host and register connected VMs as clients.

For Hyper-V, you'll need to install the Windows agent and DR Imaging software on your Hyper-V host.

Once your backups have run, the backups available for Cloudboot will appear in the Cloudboot tab in your secondary client.

Booting VMs in the Cloud

Navigate to your cloud [secondary] CFA Management console. How to access your CFA Management Console

Once there, select the Cloudboot tab.

On this page, all jobs available for cloudboot recovery will be listed.

Right click the machine you'd like, and select "Boot."

This will initiate a brief wizard for the booting your machine including identifying the resources dedicated to your machine and will end with remote access details.