To set OBRM logs to debug level:

  1. Find the file SStorage.exe.config in one of the following folders:

    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Online Backup and Recovery Manager\ (OBRM for 64-bit operating systems)
    • C:\Program Files\Online Backup and Recovery Manager\ (OBRM for 32-bit operating systems)
  2. Open the file with a text editor, and replace

    <add key="LogLevel" value="error" />
    <add key="MaxLogSizeInBytes" value="2097152" />
    <add key="LogFilesCount" value="1" />


    <add key="LogLevel" value="debug" />
    <add key="MaxLogSizeInBytes" value="20097152" />
    <add key="LogFilesCount" value="9" />
  3. Open Windows Services (services.msc), and then stop and start again the service Offsite Online Backup Service.