Dashboard monitoring system is designed to provide full summary for the current status of all configured backups, as well as individual alerts for various warnings and errors.

Access monitoring system

To access the monitoring system, log in to the Dashboard, and go to Monitoring.

This will load a real-time monitoring page for all configured backups.

To change the monitoring and alerting settings, click the Monitoring Settings button, or go to SettingsMonitoring.

Data filtering

Depending on your account type, you can use the following filters:

Filter name Filter description
Account/Appliance Complete or partial name of an account or a CFA
System Complete or partial name of a system (endpoint)
Indicator Available options: Any, Error, Error and Warning, Warning, Ok
Backup Type Available options: Any, File and Folder Backup, Advanced Folder Backup, Baremetal, MS Exchange, MS SQL, General Notification, File and Folder, MS Exchange, MS SQL, DR Image, VMware, Hyper-V

Events that raise warnings and errors

  • Backup failed to complete
  • Connection to a device was lost during backup, and reconnection failed ( >1 hour)
  • Backup did not run for more than 7 days in a row
  • Account quota reached 100%
  • Backup completed with errors
  • Connection to a device was lost during backup, and reconnection failed ( >30 min)
  • Backup did not run for more than 3 days in a row
  • Account quote reached 95-99%, upgrade recommended

Configure email alerts and notifications

The Monitoring Settings page includes the following options to configure your email alerts and notifications.

Option name Option description
Subscribe to daily monitoring digest email reports Send the current status report for all configured backups
Send errors and warnings alerts to this address Email address to receive individual emails for each warning and error. For IT departments and MSPs, we recommend to configure this to send alerts to your PSA or support system to simplify the workflow for supporting your systems and customers
Override when to generate No Backup events  
Outbound API URL address URL address to be used to publish all monitoring data. This is helpful for more specific integration with support systems as it allows administrators to further customize workflow rules for whatever system they are running
Subscribe to daily Account Details email reports This report provides the overall details about all backup accounts: last backup date; total data backed up; quota; last backup date; total number of devices; email address associated with the account; company, to which this account belongs (if applicable)