Advanced Folder Backup. Replicate policy

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Why is my replicate policy not working either for simple folder of with ShadowProtect images folder?


Cloud used space size of the folder is higher than in the local folder size, local and cloud data and size mismatch.

Advanced folder backup and replication policy was selected.


  • If the whole disk volume is selected for backup with Advanced Folder backup, it does not do replicate.

  • If during Advanced Folder Backup session at least one file fails, replicate does not run.

  • If during Advanced Folder backup session at least one new file appears in the folder, replicate does not run.

  • If the backup session is canceled (either “End Time” is set up or it is canceled manually at backup progress window). Then, the backup report states “Backup canceled”.

ShadowProtect (bare-metal backup) and OBRM issues:
The 2nd case often is caused by temporary connection disruptions. OBRM repeats upload attempts and decreases packet size, but in a case of very low bandwidth connection or being offline for a long time (30 minutes or more), the backup fails.

The suggestion is to look at the Dashboard reports section or to the client reports and check if any errors notification exist.

Replication policy purges cloud data only after completion of a backup session. If all files from the backup set were uploaded without any errors, the purge runs.

The 3rd case is related to simultaneous or close in time work of ShadowProtect (bare-metal backup) and OBRM application.

Replication policy does not work in the case when files were created in the backed up folder during the backup session. For now, the customer does not get an error message regarding the fact that Replicate policy did not purge old versions. The customer then observes that the cloud used space dramatically grows.

The notifications regarding this issue will be available in logs starting from OBRM 6.5.