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View and manage Microsoft Hyper-V connections on Cloud Failover Appliance

  1. In the Management Console of the Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA), go to ClientsHyper-V.

  2. Click View Connections.

    View connections

    The View Hyper-V Connections dialog opens.

    List of connections

    The dialog shows currently available Hyper-V connections. Information in the dialog is presented in the table format with the following columns:

    Column Description
    Description Description of the Hyper-V connection
    Address IP address of the connected Hyper-V host
    Port Port number used for communication between Hyper-V host and CFA
    VM Count Number of virtual machines hosted on the Hyper-V host
    Connected Indication if Hyper-V is currently connected and available, or not
    Cluster Fqdn Fully qualified domain name of the Hyper-V host

To manage a Hyper-V connection, right-click the connection to open the context menu with available actions.


Action Description
Remove Remove Hyper-V connection, associated VMs and their clients, and associated backup jobs (optionally) from CFA
Properties View and edit Hyper-V connection properties. To edit properties, you must first disable Hyper-V connection—click Disconnect.
Connect Enable connection with Hyper-V if it is disconnected
Disconnect Disable connection with Hyper-V if it is connected