wb_incandescent For complete Disaster Recovery release notes, see the archive.


Files with Unicode symbols in their names were not available for Browse and Restore.

Occasional termination of the DDFS mount or repair process due to excessive memory consumption on the CFA.

Failure to boot a VM on the CFA if the Group Policy denied installation of any new drivers.

Failure to delete jobs on the secondary CFA under the retention policy.


Disabled weak ciphers for SSH connection.

Events retrieval mechanism in Audit Log.

CFA security aspects (httpOnly cookies).

Replication could stop on the secondary CFA under certain conditions.

DR backup could fail due to inability to mount the backup destination.

Orchestration could not run under certain conditions.

DR LAN has not been activating the gateway, if DHCP was disabled.

Backup has been failing for Hyper-V guests with duplicate IDs, if Hyper-V replication was enabled.

Purge Remote Jobs option on the client Edit page to prevent accidental removal of the already replicated jobs.


Ability to wipe the backup data completely and securely, if the CFA is to be decommissioned.

Ability to connect to the CFAs available on your local network via the devices page.

Option to set the date until a backup job will stay pinned.

Option to set the DR schedule when creating a client. The Schedule column is now shown in the list of clients.

Local/cloud boot: custom QEMU commands, CPU model choosing, keyboard layout options.

RAID status is shown on the console screen.

Full VMware 6.7 support.

Browse and Restore: expanded the list of supported file systems, improved stability, show message if no browsable data.

Customization of the replication bandwidth limit.

Date Until Pinned for the previously pinned backup jobs was set to 10+ years from the present moment.

Ability to perform Linux DR backups with the non-root user credentials.

Support for local/cloud boot of the DR images and VM backups of the clients with disks with 32 sectors per track.

Disk order preservation during the local boot on the CFA or in the cloud.

Stability of the DR and Hyper-V backups.

Reduced storage space used to perform the DR backups.

Updated the Knowledge Base link in the CFA Management Console (Support > Documentation).

Improved wording of the requirements for performing the local boot on the vCFA.

In case of CFA shutdown, DDFS would not unmount at once, which required the hard reset.

Inability to bond network interfaces on some CFA models.

Incorrect CPU model identification during the local boot.

Occasional failures of DR backups.

Some jobs could not be deleted under the retention policy.

Jobs re-imported from the archive or pushed back from the secondary CFA were deleted at once under the retention policy.

VMs with dynamic disks could not boot under certain circumstances.

Occasional failures when backing up a turned off VMware VM.

Hyper-V backup could fail, if the Hyper-V guest migrated to another host.

Failure to restore a Hyper-V incremental backup with a newly added disk.

Progress of a VMware VM backup was not shown.

Editing a client on a secondary CFA is now disabled.

Failure to update the Agent installed on a client due to the improper service stop.

Though disabled, Boot Verification screenshots were shown in Clients > Summary.

Garbage Collection history did not show any data.

Hardware Monitoring section in the CFA Management Console did not show the CPU and hard disk information on some CFA models.

Failure to generate the weekly CFA report.

Daily CFA report showed incorrect restore point date, if the last backup has failed.

Keyboard layout bugs when booting VMs.

Auto-archiving of differential and incremental backups on VMs.