Creating a new API member

  1. Sign in to ConnectWise Manage.

  2. Go to System > Members.

  3. On the API Members tab, click New Item ( ).

  4. Provide all the required details.

    notification_important Make sure the Role ID is set to Admin.
  5. Click Save ( ).

Creating the API keys

  1. On the API Keys tab, click New Item ( ).

  2. In the Description box, enter whatever you want to identify the integration.

  3. Click Save ( ).

  4. Copy and save the Public Key and the Private Key so you can use them later.

    notification_important Private Key will no longer be available once you leave this tab.

Establishing the connection

  1. Sign in to the Infrascale Dashboard.

  2. Go to Settings > ConnectWise Billing (or Settings > ConnectWise Ticketing).

  3. Click the Settings button.

  4. On the Connection tab:

    1. In the Site box, enter the ConnectWise Manage URL for your company.

    2. In the Company box, enter the ConnectWise Manage ID for your company.

    3. In the Public Key box, enter the Public Key you have created earlier.

    4. In the Private Key box, enter the Private Key you have created earlier.

      info After you enter the Private Key, it will not be shown.
      If you want to enter other keys, or enter the same keys again, click Reset Keys.
    5. Click Apply.