Where to view and change my billing information?
  1. Log in to the Infrascale Dashboard.

  2. On the upper right, click your account name, and then click Billing.

Why backup dates in SSRS report and in the Dashboard differ?

Backup report in the Dashboard shows the last time a backup successfully ran. This differs from the SSRS report, which shows the last time the data was uploaded to the cloud.

These two figures would not match if no new data was uploaded to the cloud.

For example, a user runs backup on 3/23/2015 where there are no new files or changes. The last backup was on 3/22/2015, where a new file was uploaded.

On SSRS, the last backup date will be reported as 3/22/2015 (last time the data was uploaded), while the last backup date in the Dashboard will be 3/23/2015 (last time the job ran).